Heather is an out of shape white girl. She is at home trying to wearing her clothes, she realized she is getting fat in her belly. She stays for several minutes looking in the mirror and saying to herself how much she gained weight in her belly. Heather knows she has a very soft belly without hard abdominal muscles. Heather is not a fat girl, she is only fat in the belly, your weak spot. She wonders if she fight with someone would be easily defeated if she take a punch in the stomach. Heather gives some punches on her own soft belly and feels how much would be defenseless. She thinks: Well, I’m a sweet girl and I think no one will fight me and hit me in the stomach. When finished dressing her tight dress she is visited by two friends: Lia and Vivi. They are talking in the room when Heather realizes that the two girls are laughing and looking at her. She asks what is going on and the two girls say she’s fat in her belly. Embarrassed and angry, she tries to put it out of your home both insolent friends, but they decided to give a lesson on sweet girl: a hard beating on her soft belly. They gives to Heather belly punches that leaving the air out of her, but she already knew she would be defenseless if someone punches her soft belly. The dreams come true.

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