How to Get Your Woman into Belly Punching

You have an erotic belly punching fetish, and want your woman to share it! This video teaches a few tried and true techniques by the worlds stomach punching expert, Sir X, and features the beautiful and sexy stripper, Devon as the trainee. Witness her as she experiences the fetish for the first time! In lesson 1, Sir X lets Devon punch him to gain her trust. She learns that stomach punching can be mutual fun, and that it is much safer than knife or breath play. After overcoming the initial fear of hurting him, she gains momentum. Sir X learns a lesson too – Devon has some serious guns! Suddenly, she exclaims This is so fun, why is this so fun? In lesson 2, Devon punches herself, exploring the sensations that arise from a fist hitting different areas of her stomach. Devon is not timid, and hits herself with gusto! When she accidentally discovers her solar plexus, the punch doubles her over in pain! Lesson 3 is another trust builder. Called Punching by Numbers the couple takes turns punching each other at a force designated by a number that she chooses. After she requests a 6, Sir X tricks her, and slugs her hard in the gut! She doubles over on the bed, holding her stomach in pain. This video is sexy, fun and brutal! Show it to your lover, she will be an instant convert to the world of Erotic Belly Punching!

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