It Turns Her On To Be Punched in the Stomach

Sir X was surprised that Charlette, the sexy stripper, allowed him to so readily squeeze her stomach and violate it brutally with his fists during their lapdance. Later, she confesses that she has a stomach fetish too! This excites him, but at the same time, he fears that he is about to spend a LOT of money on this hot little stripper in pursuit of her flat and soft, irresistible belly. After the lapdance, they both want more, and she leads him to a secluded room in the depths of the club, an isolated, private chamber where anything can happen. She assumes a submissive pose, lying on her back, belly up, exposing the vulnerability of her tender stomach. Sir Xs fysts strike her belly lightly at first as he gains her trust and tests her willingness to submit to his punches. But the blows quickly gain intensity as she undoes the zipper on her jean shorts and directs his fyst to her sweet spot – cradled in her pelvic area, just below her navel. She moans in pleasure as the fysts smash into her gut and penetrate it deeply, sending sensual shock waves through her internal female organs. Hammer punches rain on her stomach, stimulating her femininity, and her sexy vocalizations increase to a crescendo! This is belly punching sex at its best, as her fingers stroke her sexy navel in rhythm with the punches. One word describes this video. FRIKEN HOT! Elevating Erotic Belly Punching to a new level!

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