Lexus is DESTROYED! in need of a serious attitude adjustment Mia and Rampage Work her over non- stop. With arms held back Rampage delivers hard uppercuts knocking the wind out of little Lexus many times. Lexus crashes to the mat so many times during the brutal beating. Gasping for air Mia & Rampage take Lexus to the corner, hook her arms behind the top turnbuckle, and cuff her wrists behind her back. Lexus can’t move. Both Mia & Rampage with alternating blows both start punching Lexus in her flat weak stomach. Lexus is completely winded while in the corner unable to block the punches. Lexus is completely sucking wind while Rampage picks up Lexus and puts her in an abdominal stretch, Mia punches that stretched out stomach. They take Lexus to the ropes for full-nelson left/right combinations. They hang Lexus upside down in the tree of woe. They once again use Lexus’s body as a punching bag. Will Poor little Lexus Learn a lesson to respect the other girls? We shall see.

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