Pinball Wizard, Belly Punching Dilettante

The last time Stevie visited Sir X for a belly beating, she noticed his pinball machine and told him she was good at pinball. Sir X used this as an excuse to lure her back to his place. He explains the rules: you lose, you go home horny. You win, you get the belly beating of your life and leave satisfied! Sir X plays first and the pinballs go straight down the chute. Then, Stevie steps up. She launches the ball and WOW! She is a pinball wizard! She works the flippers like a pro, batting the ball to all of the right places. Sir Xs pinball machismo is threatened. He tries to distract her by punching her in the stomach while she plays. But, despite his best efforts of sinking his fysts deep into her belly, she continues to win. This angers Sir X even more! But before he gets revenge, she does a sexy dance for him. Of course, this only makes him want to punch her more, and he stands her against the wall, and slams his fysts non-stop into her stomach with a fury. The wall shakes audibly as his fyst smashes into her tender belly organs, crushing them against her spine! The relentless stomach pounding continues, until he hits her really hard, and while trying to catch her breath, she forces out the words too hard. To which Sir X answers with a solid punch in the gut that doubles her over and takes her to her knees!

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