Little Lexus has been working out hard and is tired of getting picked on by the bigger, stronger girls. She decides she’s going to make a statement by attempting to kick Riot’s ass, in a ring, bare fist, no holds barred. They tangle in the ring, already warmed up and drenched with sweat. Riot, of course, completely dominates Lexus… she works her over mercilessly, with belly punches, slaps , throws her around by her hair, kicks her while she’s down, woman handles her, and humiliates her. Lexus tries her best to fight back, but Riot just laughs at her pitiful efforts, even letting Lexus punch her in the stomach as hard as she can at different points in the match, offering no defense, then laughs at her.. Lexus is proud and determined and refuses to submit, even after taking a brutal ass-kicking, she continues to try to fight back to no avail, until she is completely dominated, exhausted, beaten, and humiliated by the dominant Riot, who even gives her a little extra punishment at the end of the match after Lexus is begging and pleading for mercy. Finally, after it’s all open, Riot drags Lexus to her feet by her hair and poses her for the camera like a trophy, asserting her complete dominance. During the fight Lexus would take all kinds of belly punches, knees to the belly, gets thrown around like a rag doll, just completely woman handled and physically overpowered by the stronger, bigger Riot.

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