Rainman is back. More perverted then ever he captures his women during a rain storm, drugs them heavily, ties them down to a table inside his rain-shed where the captured woman’s stomach is worked over as she lays helplessly tied up and groped. Rainman finds sexual pleasure in a captive woman’s belly as he punches deep, unexpectedly at times and even very erotic while his hands are very busy wondering in other places. The woman has no choice but to lay there tied up in her sexy panties and take Rainman’s punishment as he feels her private area, her breasts, her hair.. etc.. Some of the woman enjoy the intense behavior and perversion as they are strapped down, some just are so out-of-it they have no idea what is going on. Bound tight to the table Rainman continues to deliver stomach punches as he squeezes her breasts and rubs her between her legs. Un-expected punches are effective as he plays with the victims hair, rubs her thighs and gently chokes her. Rainman is back and now he drugs his victims while he plays.

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