Testing the Limits of a Newbie

Sir X meets Stevie in a strip club. During a lap dance, and without explanation, he gently punches her in the stomach. And without explanation, Stevie passionately kisses him! The punches escalate, and so does the kissing. But, punching a woman in the stomach properly in a strip club is a tricky proposition, so he suggests that they meet at his home to explore the punching further. She agrees, and when she arrives, Sir X demonstrates the different places on the belly to be punched: the lower stomach, the navel and the deadly solar plexus. And he demonstrates how being punched in the stomach while lying down evokes completely different sensations than when standing. Each time a new location is explored, Sir X escalates the punching until the pain shows in her eyes and sexy vocalizations. As he punches her while she sits on the bed, he hears his favorite word harder, and he obediently obliges, ramming his fyst into her gut with brutal force! He introduces his fyst to her solar plexus while she is standing against the wall. The wind rushes from her lungs as Sir X hits her there, and then he slyly slips a fyst into her liver! Later, Sir X introduces Stevie to the hammer punch, a punch administered with the base of the fyst. He tells her that this punch will not hurt her much, and might even turn her on. And turn her on it does! She moans and groans as his fyst rapidly pounds her belly with the rhythm of wild sex. This girl really is fantastic! Not since Rachael has Sir X found someone who can take a punch in the gut like Stevie can!

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